Best friends are hard to find.
True love is beautiful and so divine.
My thought are trapped inside my head.
When, I gently rest my head.
Friendship is worth its weight in gold.
Especially, when you are growing old.
When help is needed, they are there,
Their kindness, always comes with care.
Children's friendship, young and old.
is so value, I've been told.
They help with errands and the chores.
The Darlings. I do so adore.
Parents love is so strong and bold,
Thney are always there, never ever told.
To nurse you and caress you, ever ill.
You love them dearly, always will.
Friendship makes the world go round
It makes the flowers grow, and the trees.
The birds fly and show their colour,
Coming into the garden, after each other.
Resting here, not very able,
I cannot walk or sit at the table.
My eyes are closed, my body quite still.
I await now, for my last thrill.

by Edward Walker

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This, written by a man is great.