Friendship is a many splendid thing
many happy hours it can bring
If the truth be told
but you have to take the first step & be bold. In the name of friendship kindly deeds are done
without any thought of return, there's none,
Friendship freely given each day
fills your heart with joy as you go along life's way. Wipe away a tear
take away all the pain & fear,
And you'll know as you go through each year
the reason why you're really meant to be here. If you hear a child cry
don't give an exasperated sigh,
Go & see what's wrong
help fill their hearts with a cheery song. Dreams you have plenty
but some people lives are lonely & empty,
Everyone is looking for something
cheer them up & let their hearts sing. And when the day's over and done
when you see the setting sun,
Just sit & think to yourself
at least I'm not left on life's shelf.

by Anthony A. Malissa

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Another wonderful poem about friendship.