Poem By Damian Cranney

Friendship is like a light in the night,
A reliable beacon, when your way is unsure,
You know that a greeting, awaits you on sight,
When you walk up and knock, on that welcoming door,

You can like your own company, mine is just great,
But if you're sat on your own, with no one to phone,
Being solitary by choice, is not the same state,
And few things are worse than being at home all alone.

True friendship however is not easy to find,
And how true is true, when under duress,
It is easy when having a beer, to not mind,
Helping a mate home, it's not that much stress.

But what if that friend, is taken ill overnight,
And, you're needed to be there in his terminal fight,
I suppose if it's short term, you could manage the trip,
Whatever the outcome, it tests your friendship.

But friendship is all about sharing your interests,
If you're lucky to belong to a circle who share,
You know you have friends nearby you can turn to,
And that, there will always, be someone to care.

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