(23 09 1960 / Ireland)


Friendship is someone to rely on
to help share a heavy load
Friendship is showing empathy
when you tread a rocky road

Friendship is feeling at ease
having someone to laugh with, or cry
Friendship is sharing funny stories
someone wiping a tear from your eye

Friendship is being trustworthy
listening, paying attention
Friendship is doing a favour
without expecting a mention

Friendship is someone to talk to
someone to relax with, unwind
Friendship is mutual kindness
having fun, leaving worries behind

Friendship is being encouraged
to go and try something new
Friendship is mutual respect
compromise, honesty too

Friendship is all about sharing
it's a gesture showing you care
Friendship is uplifting company
someone you'll know who'll be there

by Margaret O Driscoll

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Hi Margaret this is a lovely poem and a very true representation of friendship well done