In my dream, last night, I met my friend,
He invited me to go to the carpenter
Together with my wife are looking for frame
I’m tired and felt better to wait in the carpenter workshop
I’m waiting for a long time
And then I decided to follow closely
And find they still choose the wooden frame
From outside workshop I could saw his spectacle frame
And I ask what the relation with mutually dependent,
The cemetery Land, The Wood Frame, My friend and My Wife
Is the dream will be continue, everyday
Whereas in the real life, yesterday
He had sends sms to me three times
Told me that nowadays he became the bureaucratic man
And still catch his PHD,
And still help his wife dissertation
Which he hadn’t been finished yet

Since we meet in the 80-th,
Before you marry
Till you marry her,
Still learning science
Translated many book with me
I heard your children grown up, and went university
And to day, pick up another boy
From Arab family,
Now I wish to meet you again, discussed many things,
Prasetya Utama,4/6/2006

by Prasetya Utama

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Prasetya this is nice, as we grow older our thouths should become the spirit of poem