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To be a friend is not a play
You have to care every day,
And not be able to hold on
When they just scream for you inside.

I wanna have a friend of mine
Who like myself would tell no lie
And be the one who breaks the ice,
Just be around until I die.

But it's so hard to freaking find
A real friend who's gonna say
That you in love with number one,
The one you never gonna dump.

I know it's not what I demand
But I would like to be apart,
From friends like haters in the fight,
To find a better place to stop.

by Alex Shevchenko

Comments (2)

A very nice poem in the chapter of friendship.. I liked it..10
A good an honest desirable emotions asking eternal love and neverending friendship by means of not just words.Keep writing and growing, not only as a poet but a human.Nice to read this creation of yours Mr. Poet.