At the end of every tunnel,
there is a light somewhere,
a light of hope and reason,
and a light to guide us to
the safety from the dark,
to outstretched hands there.
These hands hold out friendship,
something everyone needs,
for friendship brings a wealth
much more than anything money can buy,
for without this wealth,
many of us would
just shrivel up and die.

28 July 2007

by David Harris

Comments (4)

I like the poem, and I feel like it really expresses friendship
Friends help you get through another day, when life is not going your way..10
Well what can I say David.....I've been there in that tunnel and you and a few others have help pull me out...and now I have gained more then a friend: O) hugs JoAnn
Now THIS one I can really identify with. Friends are worth their weight in gold. They are what keeps us going. A lovely poem. From someone I count as a friend. Thank you for sharing this, David. Love, Fran xxx