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SW (23/01/1989 / Pretoria, South Africa)


Poem By Sacha Wilson

Friendship isn't always what it seems
Two people who are on friendly term
are not always friends, one learns
People lie and cheat and betray
Hurt and aren't always what they say

Like politicians they hide behind their grinning masks
To gain your so-called friendship is their first task
And once they're in your circle of trust
Self-gain and pleasure become the only must

But how do we determine who's good, who's bad
The question daunts me and drives me mad
Intuition which has been given to you
Intuition which you should follow right through

In the end we turn out just as bad as them
For personal gain you hurt a friend
Your world becomes dark and you feel alone
'cause friendship is the thread with which life is sewn

Be careful dear friend
on which ground you trend
The leave may cover the big black hole
But get caught in the trap and your life's the toll

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