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Friendship: A Double Edged Swrod

Your hollow friendship carried too high a price
An overdose of power, cut down with one slice

Suffocated from the incoherent lies and loathsome deceit
Yet, for some reason my aching heart continues to beat
At every piercing word you cause it to sink
The truth's out now, no one gives a shit what I think

Everything that I love was ceded to you
There can be no more excuses, none of them were true
The heavy burden you imposed on me has taken its toll
Even so, you continued to lay siege to my soul

Another illusion brought on by desperation
Mistrust breaks through cracks in my aspiration
Leaving only shards of joy that cut my feet as I walk
No more time for any shit, I pull the trigger at one o'clock

I'm sick and tired of being dragged through the mud
I'll soak the floor with a pool of liberated blood

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