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Friendship Is A Burden

Everyday of my life, grows exceedingly harder,

My legs have grown weak, I can't go any farther,

The weight of my conscience is crushing my spirit,

Others shout to move on, but I refuse to hear it,

I turned a deaf ear to encouragement, a long time ago,

In the days of my anguish, filled with sadness and woe,

I refused to be happy, quite content in my misery,

Putting blunt anger, in the place of my chivalry,

I shut down all my kindness, I seem less at ease,

I became more independent, I do what I please,

I care not for your feelings, or your selfish, plain wants,

I've ignored your objections, and your petty, ignorant taunts,

You are nothing more to me, than an obstacle now,

But to you, your the king, and you want me to bow,

I refuse to obey you, I demand what you owe,

And in the event of my payment, I should like you to go,

You broke the trust in our friendship, you're the one to blame,

Now leave my life permanently, and I'll forget you ever came...

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this is amazing...so true so painfuly true...trust me its not just you.<3
This poem is good. I find it harsh, but real, and full of emotion.