.friendship Of Lovers

Poem By Peter Stavropoulos Best Love Poems

What's a friendship? My Love.
It's when you promise me your company
And keep your promise.
It's when we joke about each other
And laugh at ourselves.
It's when we know we're not perfect
And accept each other as we are.
It's when we don't expect too much
And are happy with what we are given.
It's when we value each other's friendship
Above all else.

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Good👍😇 poem about friends👭👬👫👭👭👬👫👭👥
It's when we know we're not perfect And accept each other as we are. Great thoughts, lovely poem.
Very nicely composed on an important virtue of friendship.
Friendship is an integral part of love. It is to love, what carbon is to steel. A lovely piece, keep it up and thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
A testimony of truth that is touching and tasteful!

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