(1774-1810 / Franklin, Illinois, USA)

I'll Never Leave You

I'll never leave you this I now swear in full,
I promise that wherever you are I'll be there.
I won't ever leave my lady in a lurch
feeling used, unwanted,
cold and alone, frightened that she's been hurt again.
Aching with an empty hellacious burning
pit of agony within her chest.
I will never leave you feeling all alone and lost
this I promise now and for all time.

I'll never leave you because I want
for you to feel safe and
always know you're deeply loved.
I'll never leave you because life
without you is empty useless
and has no true or deep meaning.
I'll never leave you because you give me reason
and I want to be there for you always
to support and help my lady,
to treat you always like my Queen Angel.

I'll never leave you I promise dear,
on all I hold sacred on this to you I swear.
For your happiness fills my heart
with endless warmth and pure endless light.
To be near you doing our favorite things
is what matters in this life
with the true joys of trust
and endless love it all brings.

I'll never leave you because you
are the holder and keeper of my heart and soul,
you are the only person I will ever truly
trust and impart such a fragile gift.
I love you more than all the energy in the universe.

I'll never leave you this I promise
for in you I see true love and great glory,
a spirit so pure and honest,
a woman I love so much she is a goddess.
I can't face life without you.

I'll never leave though for these
two most important things.
I can't stand to ever see or know you are in pain,
so it would eat me up to know you're
deeply suffering and heart broken all alone.
Then once again I love you so very much
I can't imagine a life without you
nor is that something I ever want.

So I promise and I swear to you my precious dear
that I'll never desert or abandon you
breaking both of our hearts while
destroying a rare sacred bond as well,
I love you so very much and I'm always here.
I give you my all and everything for you are
my only one and my sweet darling Angel Queen.

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