Friendship The Priceless Gemstone

I didn't expect you one bit.
The gods they brought us together.
Divine destiny did this.
The first time we meet I was on guard.
You were the encouraged me.
To be myself.
I never experenced true friendship, but
you gave me a taste of true friendship.
I hungered more and more friendship.
You made me trust and put my guard down.
We never fought once
I can't believe you understood my loner nature.
In the zodiac we are a good match.
Over time we became to be inseparable.
Reminiscing on this I said that we will be friends for a long time.
That was the truth.
Even though you moved.
My heart was in shards.
As if someone dear died.
My life was in turmoil.
I just didn't know what to do.
You were the one to turn to.
We still keep in touch.
The distance made us closer.
You are only real friend I had.
I can search the only universe over two times.
I'm so happy that I found you.
Serenity and I have been friends now for two years.
These years appear longer than that.
In thine eyes friendship you can never buy.

by Vega Destiny Star

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WOW! you two must be really close the only person im close to is someone I've not met in person weird or what?