Friendship To Never End..

Searching for strength to carry on..
Not knowing that the time wouldn't last so long.
Thinking of the right way to ask, and to build so much courage.
Then start to think my heart was purely damage.
Then finding it, what it was I seek.
Just having the small memories we had, in my mind.
And never leaving any of them behind..

I remember everything we talked about..
It made me so happy when I talked you you I wanted to shout.
Looking out the window, just wondering if you were thinking about me.
Wondering if your were going to be the one.
The one I was going to end up being with for a while.
I had dreams, imagines, and many thoughts.. I faced them,
Before long the dreams, thoughts, and imagines came through.

Being on the phone, for hours and hours,
Having nothing to talk about
Or making up stuff as we went..
We always ended up having something to talk about.
Hearing the ringtone and knowing we would have a long conversation.
Or whether it was to say hi for the day or to say Sweet Dreams at night.

Waking up at 11: 20 was no fun to hear the voicemail.
Deep in i knew what it was about..
Not wanting to make the call back, but doing it anyways hurt.
Happy to see you didn't pick up.
But not being able to go to sleep was the hard part.
Getting Texts over the weekend having no clue what you were
Talking about.. Finally talking to you then when I ask what's wrong
You just say 'Nothing.' Getting a mistaken text told me everything..

I thought I would never get over it..
I thought I would never want to talk again..
I thought it was something I did.
Then I thought I was crazy thinking these things..
There was no way I could give up everything.
Realizing you really did like me and that there
Was no way I could give up our friendship.

by Tanner Gallman

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