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Friendships Found
EH (dec 29/60 / Perth NB)

Friendships Found

Poem By Elizabeth Hathaway

The first hello, the first how are you? ,

Sincere and wondering thoughts in your mind.

Searching for a common thread to bind,

Looking for a golden string of friendship.

Questions asked, and questions answered,

And suddenly a realization of interest.

Caring thoughts sent and recieved.

A growing fondness of how one feels.

Warming hearts for tender thoughts,

Understanding a lonesome souls cry.

Wanting to nurture a delicate heart.

Always feeling compassion and sincerity.

Longing for strong arms wrapped around.

Rain swept tears wiped away, a smile sent.

Trust and honesty truly felt in the heart.

A void would sure'ty take it's place.

For friendships found is worth more than gold,

Friendships found is bigger than the world.

To rest in my heart and brighten my days,

Thankfull every day to call you my friend,

Always thought of, always appriciated.

Wishes sent for happiness and contentment.

Gently growing, the sky knowing no limits.

Forever here and always loved, now and forever.

Rest assured my friend your always thought of.

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