Friendships Lost

The coolness of morning dew,
The softness of a cobweb,
The beauty of flowers many,
The caress of a gentle breeze,
A smile, a word, a knowing glance,
Friendship, a word-
Defined, yet undefined.
A dream, an early morning dream,
A dream, so real, so full of life,
Leaving mind with pleasure,
Though never real.
A mirage in desert,
Mistook for an oasis,
Search for shelter, craving strong,
Yet lost, never to be found.
A mast, so I hope,
Taking ship safe to land,
A mast, torn in itself,
Setting me, to the bosom of sea.
A song, an enchanting song,
Ceased without end, the-
Enchantedness, incomplete,
Leaving mind, in tragic resonance.
Friendships lost, in the paths of life,
In the grab for motley garb of dreams,
Friendship, a promise, a dream,
Though never real, never found! ! !

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Comments (2)

It's such a well done poem and so true! How many True Friends do We really have? Thank you
'Friendship, a promise, a dream, Though never real, never found! ! ! ' Very lovely lines, may be true! I love this poem. Nice job is done.