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Poem By yuridia rodriguez

we were the best of friends
we laughed together, we cried together.
you said we would stay friends forever.
but you never knew how i really felt.
when i looked at you, inside i would melt.
then one day you told me you were moving.
that day i felt a blast of pain go rite thru me.
its been three months five days.
i want to tell you how i feel but i just cant find the way.
casue i know you have a girlfriend whom you adore. i hate when you talk to me about another girl. i regret not telling you how i felt, i had to see you get married, i also saw you carry, your first child.
you are a great father a great friend and a great lover i guess.
all my love i had for you turned into a great mess.
i envy amela for taking your love away from me.
but i guess we were never meant to be.
ill never be more than a friend that was the way it was meant to be.

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