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Baroque- European dressing 
Confessional mark
Engineered with a blessing 
Fleur de la flock of the ornate world
In a display of everything 
But an unbecoming bore

Bauhaus- German Jugendstil
Art tech erection
The progression standstill 
Cubic yawn behind a lawn 
Call change - don't vote art-nouveau
When ideas scream for rescue
With demand for an extraordinary venue
Like Guggenheim, Staatsgalerie, Pfeiffer Chapel

Springtime in Hanoi
Gate of Indochina
Center for war or city for peace
Locate buddha in every nook and cranny
Legend of Au Lac, ghost of Ho Chi Minh
Lost for respite and temporary reprieve
Graven deceit beyond one's scope to believe
Pagodas akin to all others with their fair tiered towers and oriental eaves

Sojourn in Athens
Awash of the classical era
Iconic features of antiquity 
Behold the columns under a frieze, cornice and architrave
Doric bleachers onto Corinthian features
Ascertain between a pantheon and a parthenon?
Basin relief among one's hope to receive
Idols akin to all sculptures labeled Dionysus, Apollo or Artemis

Vitruvius acquaints the principle rule with its three-point traits
Charm captures more than would a polarizing tower or dingy shantytown

We don't hear those architects tweak
the applied arts we're currently grading
And we'd let them smudge those nitwit twits' blueprints 
But engineers we pick must not appease you
So they'd better go back to their workshops,
their study,
Or their drawing boards

Land modern theory and the world's on your ring
May too be your oyster but the pearl's on a string
Villa D'este gardens, heart in the margins
Altered grandshape
Watered landscape

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