It seems to get harder
The longer it stays
It wants to come out
But I struggle to say
The words I yearn
Every night, every day
But opprotunity comes
And the words I can't say

So I fail to express
All the thoughts I possess

Isolated in
The depths of my mind
The pain from enclosure
An infinite grind

So tonight I sleep
The same as most nights
With a regret filled head
And a heart filled with frights

Frights about the struggle
To say the words I feel
Frights about the struggle
To express what I see real

The frights reign my thoughts
While in my dreams I lay
I try to flee, try to escape
I have no pray to get away

Unless I stand up
To this evil spawn
Cast down my mental fury
And alast the fright is gone

by Patrick Coombe

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