Froggy's Lunchbox

Froggy woke up early and in bed he lay,
Wonderin’ what he’d take to school for lunch today.
Mama came into his room to said,
“Here’s your lunchbox, Froggy. Now please get out of bed.”

Froggy washed and dressed and ate breakfast fast.
Then he picked up his lunchbox and headed down the path—
Headed for school, when he had a thought:
“I’ll just take a little peek inside and see what I’ve got.”

Froggy opened up his lunchbox and he took a look.
He saw string cheese, a sandwich, a treat and some fruit.
He said, 'I’ll take a tiny bite. No one will ever know.
Then I’ll get right up and straight to school I’ll go.'

A little while later, Froggy gets to school.
His teacher says, “You’re right on time, that’s real cool.
What’s in your lunchbox, Froggy? Let me see.”
Then she opens Froggie’s lunchbox. It’s completely EMPTY!

by Max Reif

Comments (6)

I hope some of his 'froggy' friends gave him one of their sandwiches. Didn't his mama give him any breakfast? Sincerely Ernestine
Makes for real discomfort... froggie indeed! Now write about Mama Linda
read-it, read-it read-it....
Max we should do a rhyming poem together. H
Max, your poetry is amazing!
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