Second Chances

If you could have a second chance at life
Would you finally get things right?
Would you do all that it takes
To undo all of your past mistakes?
Would you take the time to learn everything that you never knew?
Would you do all of the things that you never had the courage to do?

There are many things in my life that I would like to change
I have lots of regrets and many mistakes that I have made
There are opportunities that I haven’t taken
Too many wrong choices that I have maken
I wish that I could right all of my wrongs
And find the place where I truly belong
I want to get a second chance at life
I want to be able to put things right

But in this cruel, harsh world, there are no second chances
And we just have to grasp each opportunity before it passes
We may make mistakes but we shall learn from them all
I am going to start taking my life into my own hands
I am going to live it the best way I can

by Laura Clayton

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