From A Begger's Bowl

It may be eleven of night of that village
He sat and began to eat from his bowl.
His food was a mixture of several varities for
that he trained his tongue to his food

To add some taste he ran to a house for salt and
returned to his place for eating, shocked
His bowl with meals was found missing
with that salt, He searched with hunger

Tears hidden his sight and searched again
At the corner of that street,
a child with hunger was eating with urge.
It’s appearance is not poor and dressed better but

it’s speed was more worse than his hunger
He consoled himself and add his salt in his bowl
that child smiled with ……. …….. ……….


Last three words are left blank to the reader’s contribution.
yes the hungry of the child is too worse than that begger
a begger can get his meal atleast once ina day

but that child is from a local low income labour group hece it’s starvation is very very cruel

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Yes, I understand your poem, dear poet! . Better to know where your standing is, and be it just among the low, than to be falling somewhere in between - a self-born outcaste so to speak that no one feels like being in charge of nor wants to mingle with or entertain, while the boy is dying with hunger also for his self-esteem that would never allow him to hold out the beggar's hand even in the face of starving.