BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

From A Bleak Start

Another day that’s gray and bleak; and what a way to start the week.
But, as the weather changes friend, we too, could have a better end.
With the sun, the sky is brighter, and with The Lord a load is lighter.
When your heart is weighed down, only in Jesus, a Peace is found.

It always seems darkest when, your strength seems to be at its end,
That is when you will see The Lord, open for you a brand new door.
It’s always darkest before the light, as Christ Jesus breaks the night.
Then you see as you regain full sight, that everything will be all right.

So when your life seems overcast, you can be certain it will not last.
As the sun sheds away the gray, Jesus Christ will light up your way.
When in the darkness of this life, use the Light that’s found in Christ.
For Christ’s Light shines so bright, when the days are dark as night.

During these times, it is Christ, who guides you through all your life.
For He will not forsake you friend, indeed, He is with you to the end.
Through the week lean upon Him, Jesus will guide you in everything.
And all the gray will soon subside, as in Christ Jesus you fully abide,

Friend, others shall see your light, when their days are not so bright.
And any light that others can see, is just a small glimpse of eternity.
When Jesus will be The Light, that continually shines forever bright.
A time when all darkness will be, banished throughout all of eternity.

Never again shall we see night, as Christ my friend is Eternal Light.
A time when His Light won’t lack, so to the world we won’t look back.
It is this hope that is in our heart, that keeps us going from the start.
You will see by the week’s end, that it’s not like the beginning friend.

by Bob Gotti

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Long time, no comment, Mr.Gotti. A refreshing and inspirational piece!
Hey Bob, one day when I was in Sunday School, the youth counselor set up some smoke machines and pretended there was a fire in the building. He started yelling and acting all panicky. All the kids, including me, were terrified. Then a bunch of staff dressed like Jesus came running in and “saved” us from the fake inferno. It was supposed to be some goofy lesson about trusting Jesus. But after calming down we were more interested in messing around with the smoke machines and trying on the fake beards. Bob, have you ever played frisbee with a crown of thorns? I don’t recommend it. It feels too blasphemous. And they’re not very aerodynamic. By the way, ironically, that youth counselor ended up working for the fire department. Now he’s out on disability. Someone dropped a ladder on his toe or something. I guess Jesus didn’t appreciate that fake fire drama or maybe he was just too busy looking out for some other people.