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From A Dead Man's Point Of View

Look at me I am so goddamned silly
Holding this girls memory deep inside
A long time ago we shared the same hope
Now it has surely died
Follow me back to another time
To a beautiful brick laden land
Where the maiden lived when her prince arrived
They then walked hand in hand
The grass was greenest the trees were fullest
The sky was a perfect blue
Everything there seems perfect now
From a dead man's point of view
They laffed they played had sun and shade
They seduced kissed all day long
They kissed they hugged they stayed so close
He showered her with his song
This was about a million years ago
So why does the man still mourn
This was a past that no longer is
Like a baby that was just stillborn
Lifelessly she moved away man powerless as now
Like a juggler without any arms
And his world is a dark and lonely place
Without the princess' charms
Everything is not so perfect now
From a deadman's point of view
The moral of the story?
The same old one I fear
Do not let go dammit hold on tight
to what you hold most dear
A Camelot exists only in my mind
screw screw screw screw
it's a dead man's point of view

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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