From A Deeply Rooted Vision

The laughs have faded
On the path chosen
One for years has walked alone.
In silent tears...
God assured would someday dry,
To bring one praise.

And deep within a faith kept,
Allowed steps made forward...
To continue through thunder.
The ground would shake beneath one's feet.
And yet with determination,
One would keep seeking that which is desired.

Feeling blessed with a gratefulness expressed,
Each day.
As those laughs once heard...
Now brings a smile to one's face.
Tears have been replaced with joy!
And this journey has uncovered,
Much fruit to share from a harvest...
No one can deny,
Who is closely identified...
With the toil of its planting!

Those who stood by to criticize in idled time...
Offer cheers.
But one who reaps and wipes a sweating brow,
Does what has to be done...
To fulfill one's purpose.
Not expecting to be watched,
How obstacles are removed to unblock...
From a deeply rooted vision!
Cleared with the assistance of The Almighty!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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