(August 1969 / USA)

From A Distance...

From a distance I can see you,
I see sadness in your eyes.
Are you sorry for what you did?
Are you sorry for all the lies?

Last night I dreamt about you,
But the dreams are always the same...
Is there a clue in the past,
When we lived under a different name?

In this dream you drew me a picture,
To hang upon my wall.
It made my eyes so teary,
For I knew the picture would fall.

Each dream makes me remember,
Something old but ever so new.
It's so beautiful and special,
My thoughts go out to you.

When deep into the soul,
We are really just the same...
Although we may look different,
And now live under another name.

Maybe your eyes are a different color,
For we have gone so far.
They still hold the telltale mark,
The beauty of the star.

I know now it's the end,
But someday we'll meet again...
One teardropp silently falls,
Because I truly do not know when.

We have many mistakes to make up for,
And this time we only made more...
Maybe next time we can discover,
What true love is really for.

Whether it's today or tomorrow,
I'll think of you and smile.
I'll hold on while I can,
Even if it's only just awhile.

When I think of the dream I had,
Joy fills my heart....
Our souls shall never separate,
No matter how far we are apart.

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This is really sweet....luv it! Always & 4ever, Grace