From A Growing Observation

Anyone living today,
Lost in between false identities...
And not knowing from which of the many delusions,
To pick and keep...
With standards valued slipping from their reach,
Are more than just confused...
In times that seek clear and unclouded visions.

Since those who have long chosen paths to walk,
With a faith communicated and with less talk...
Are not the ones these days,
Found following anyone crazed.
Or teased by promises to taste slices of apple pie.

Those who have chosen to label them as such...
'Crazed with strange ways! '
Seem not to know 'who' they are,
Or for what purpose they exist to hustle, bustle and rush...
To live lives for materialistic reasons to impress,
Throughout each season!
And from a growing observation of those evaluating,
These 'priorities'...
Appear to be a fading cause to provide one happiness.

Quick they are to defend their chaotic existence,
To announce themselves as, 'Followers of God's wishes.'

I hope God forgives the rest of us,
For interpreting His or Her 'wishes'...
With a seeking of a better way to live our lives,
That has a lot less upheaval and no turmoil.
But thank you for the invitation anyway.
We've decided we'd rather have God judge our ways.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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