From A Husband To A Wife

Dearest wife, how very loving of you
Patiently for one year you waited
To marry a stranger like me
And live a life far from your country
To sacrifice your career you left behind
Your true love for me so divine
You trusted me without doubting
Hubmly submitted without complaining
Even hiding your sorrowful tears
In times of loneliness
Quietly overcoming fears
In times of homesickness
Dearest wife, how very loving of you
Patiently all these years being faithful
Dearest wife, I vow to love you eternally
Dearest wife, you are my angel and
I promise to love you eternally.

by Toshie Nohara

Comments (3)

This is a wonderful letter, it must feel good to be appreciated..
I was overwhelmed with emotions after reading this poem. I began to ponder what couples sacrifice to be together. A lovely poem. Thanks for sharing.
a nice expression of love for a a loving and sacrificing wife.