From A Limited Perspective

I don't see where justice has been served.

'That's because you choose to see it,
From a limited perspective.'

How is that?

Even though one has been charged,
With breaching the national defense of the country...
By emailing secrets to his mistress.
You have to admit...
Good he looks in uniform.
Especially with those 'stars' on his shoulders.'

I agree with that.
What about the other guy,
Who was seen smoking a joint...
Near church property?
And the smoking of weed has already been legalized.

'That's because you choose to see it,
From a limited perspective.
What has been dilberately done,
Is an intolerable action considered blasphemous...
Against those standards that are valued,
By the ones who are above reproach.

Which are?

Had he been in uniform AND cruising the neighborhood,
Chugging a bottle of vodka...
He would not have been brutalized so severely by the police.
This was judged as an unforgivable sin.
That's why they dragged and kicked him repeatedly.'

Smoking weed?
That's ridiculous.

'No, no, no!
He chose to stand within one hundred feet,
'Outside' of the church

Didn't they recently have a sex scandal?

'That was 'inside' the church.
There is a difference.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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