From A Miracle Called Birth

I don't want to burst your bubble...
But when I close my eyes to pray,
I don't have imaginations of you
In the image of Jesus Christ,
Anytime of any day!
And this may come as a shock,
I don't think of God as being white...
Staying up all through the night!
Trying to make things right,
For those so uptight...
Trying to interpret
What HE wants done!
With the assistance of 'chosen ones'.
To enforce THEIR will on everyone!

I know all of us are on this Earth...
And HE or SHE created the Sun.
Allowing all of us to live
Until we die,
From a miracle called birth!

Whatever the perceived conceived perception,
That has many on knees to feed with deception!

So this is what you can do...
You can get off your high horse,
And let me live as God has chosen me to!

I don't want to burst your bubble...
But what he wants for me,
Has nothing to do with you!
And this is the lesson you haven't learned,
That keeps your mind crazed and screwed...
Trying to untie from a scorch that burns!

Do you see conflicts everywhere?
I'll give you one guess who put them there!
Those who feel threatened...
By a way of life that lessens
From actions they implant,
That lands them in confession booths
And given affirmations to soothe and chant!

From a miracle called birth?
For what it's worth...
All of us were screwed,
To bring us here for God to use!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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