(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

From A Place Called Space

A Place Called Space
From beneath the bounds
Of a place foretold.
Yet into this atmosphere
A stranger I am
From a far place
Beyond the outer heavens
Truly, I've been told.

My thoughts were erased
As I traveled through time.
My body was reshaped
As I crossed boundary lines.
I was just to be born
But memories of life behind me
Are still locked in my mind.

Born into this world
Unknown to man's wisdom
Where I am really from.
The depth of my knowledge
Heralded by a permitted force.
Searched by this dominion
But my spirit knows my Source.

In my obscure memory
I feel transmitted differences
And the shell of who I was,
But my strength is being tested
Translated by flesh's camouflage.
Finally it is revealed
The essence of this life's cause.

From A Place Called Space
A place without a realm
A place I want to, again, behold.
A place of contentment and peace
A place where love is in control.
A place that now calls for me
A place that settles my soul.

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