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From A Single Rib (C) 4-25-2010
CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

From A Single Rib (C) 4-25-2010

The greater love story of Adam and Eve
To fill in the blanks it reasons out Adam and Steve
Attached at the hips but separated love is no longer made
But no matter when, on their minds each other stayed
The longing for her touch keeps Pierre sturdy and firm
And the thought of Pierre keeps Virginia warm and cozy
The treacherous thought of losing one another never lingers
When he’s away Virginia longs to wrap her lips around his fingers
Pierre may come off stiff but when he’s leaves her, his softness is exposed
If only they could’ve been born Siamese they could be together at all times
But the moral standings would bid their love to be incestuous
When he sees her he springs up like a ground hog in spring
And his touch drenches love through her body like a spring
Pierre has tried to find substitutes but no one can truly measure
Up to the Virginia he holds dear to him like a pirate’s treasure
When he was young Pierre never knew love like this was real
But now he’s hooked on the way Virginia makes him feel
A match made in heaven from the rib of a single man
Came a love for Pierre that he would never understand
How could he have someone who cares for him as much as she
And how could she find so much pleasure when she’s next to he
Amazingly the story of Pierre and Virginia lives on to see
And though the world has changed they’ll love for all eternity

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Playfully written, fun, and yet very artisitically framed. Well done.