From A Son To His Divine Mother(Saroda)

From A Son To His Divine Mother(-Saroda.)
I wish to be a mad,
A mother-loran lad,
With one stay in life,
I have my mother,
In dark and gloomy strife.

No wealth I trace,
Save mother's grace,
And turmoil and death I invite,
Only I cherish a live-mother-sight.

I have my mother,
I need not bother,
For the things that come and go,
In all mother is there I know.

Her grace is unasked and supernatural,
No treasure to her is parallel,
She labors this universe by Her will,
I am her child, and in Her deal.

by Bazi alis Subrata Ray

Comments (2)

I have my mother I need not bother. Wonderful realization on affection of mother and son. Mother's lap is the safety place and her touch is the greatest boon. In her deal all children get pleasure. Excellent poem. Awarded @ 10.
Simply Beautiful! Very enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing