From A Superficial Point Of View

Keep this in mind.
From a superficial point of view,
Everything on one's banquet table appears fine.
As long as there is a feast on it.
Doesn't it?
And the presentation impresses.
To have only this on their mind,
Awaiting for anyone to express it.

As long as one's cupboards,
Have no spaces on their shelves...
People like this,
Feel better about themselves.
Don't they?
It would seem that way.
Shouldn't it?
Would you expect them to quietly,
Be grateful enough to express a blessed thankfulness?

Have you ever listened intently,
To those who have unsolicited opinions...
They openly address,
When talking behind someone's back?
With a mentioning of what 'they' should and could do.
And how they would be better off if they did that.

Keep this in mind,
Before being sold on a bunch of hollowed nonsense.
Those who find time to compare themselves to others,
With a sharing to prove what it is they do or don't...
To then belittle someone else.
Ask this of yourself without hesitation...
How many times have you discovered that person,
To have done 'anything'...
Without first expressing it to address to impress?
How long did they wait,
To hear you congratulate them for their unselfish deeds?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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