From A Through Z

Any emotion you want.
Anything read you'd like to experience,
And/or see!
I've got it here for you...
From A...all the way through to Z!
I've been watching you,
And you have had your eye on me.
You should know I enjoy to thrill your mind...
With something you can find,
For these days and times!

You like to eat?
I've got recipes.
I have a few 'pieces' that will tease.
What about sex and violence?
The most disgusting of those,
Of these will please!

Are you into the church,
And love to pray?
I love God myself...
And I pray everyday!
How about just silly stuff,
That makes no sense at all?
I have a sense of humor...
Sometimes I laugh until onto the floor I crawl!

Sweet love poems about broken hearts?
Some of my best,
Have left my keyboard wet!
Trying to write tearjerkers takes a lot of sweat!
Writing that stuff ain't easy!

Seasonal outlooks and holiday greetings?
I love the freshness of Spring.
Summer activities...
And Fall and Winter scenes!
And in New England?
What majestical offerings these seasons bring!
A tasty treat of eyepoppers.

I've got conflicts and gossip and pointless war.
With racist visions too!
If you those you choose to explore.
And children's lullabys with topics to make you cry!
Whatever you decide,
And whatever it may be.

I wish to please with an understanding.
And from A through Z...
I hope you will find 'something' there.
Something you weren't aware of...
That now makes you see.
And turn your frown into a smile...
With a touch of happiness,
And perhaps some glee!

I'd like to share with you my understanding!
Not necessarily have you agree,
With me...
At all!
I am hopeful!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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