From A Wave To The Shore

I Know not what chains bind me to you
Each time I go away from you,
I feel that familiar tug, which inevitably throws me at your feet

No matter how far I go,
I have to come back to you
You are my destiny, I know
And yet I'll run away at every given opportunity

You stand there laughing smugly
while I'm drenched in my salty tears

I may froth, I may foam, I may roar and blow the bugle of triumph
just before I fall at your feet in defeat
You Knew you would win even before the fight began
Just as I knew I would lose

But...... Beware O Shore (man)
Every failure is a stepping stone to success
Go tell your EGO about the Tsunami
About the Revenge of a Weak Wave (woman)

by Tulika Jain

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A great start with a nice poem, Tulika. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks