From A Window

Poem By Hugh Cobb

The window presents a view:
various shades of verdancy;
bright yellow green to deepest pines
& a thousand tones in between.
Landscape is softened by grey skies.
Delicate drops leak from clouds
to fall soft tears on new green earth.
Distant trees appear as through
a film of milk or mother of pearl
ground so thin it's transparent...

Two birds fly East towards encroaching dusk.
Seeking dry branches, they dip beneath
low hanging limbs & power lines
never pausing to light & roost.
Instead they fly hurriedly
moving out of sight into
the sheltering depths of an ancient oak
whose lichen covered bark is wintry white
& whose twisting branches are bearded
with spanish moss.

They sense the coming storm long
before the first lightning forks the sky
& thunder rolls through the fields.
Other creatures begin to run for cover
as wind picks up & rain intensifies.
Soon enough storm arrives
rain pelting along with hail
rattling on metal roofs bouncing,
chaotic as nature's cleansing.

All this I see from safe haven,
deep within concrete, brick & steel.
& though winds are spinning, raving,
my fortress walls are not caving
& though convenient light might fail
it too will be restored: grasses will
be greener for the drenching
& air will feel so clean
it is holy to inhale:
it’s taste, a sacrament on the tongue.

(Copyright 11 May 2006)

Comments about From A Window

That of course, should have read gently not gentlly.
Grand. Calming. More - (pretty please) .
A pleasantly picturesque piece that tranquillises the reader (well it did for me) as it gentlly unfolds. And what a apropos last line. You pen these portraitures just as adroitly as your intellectually stimulating and mystical poems. Stellar work as per usual from you, Hugh.
A great poem from the beginning and throughout! ! The beautiful landscape and then tying it all together to the Spirit.
I thought tonight I would check to see if you had any new submissions, and golly Hugh, I landed on another treasure of yours. This poem offered me as a reader so many beautiful visuals. I love the way you played with your creativity and portrayed an exraordinary view that was more than a glimpse, it was an experience. This one surly will be enjoyed by many. Unique work Hugh. Thanks for sharing.

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4,9 out of 5
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