From All Sides Of Those Common Playing Fields

Ridiculed for saying things they meant.
Including less flattering statements,
About those in leadership positions...
And those who falsely ruled in government.

Now that those leaders and the economy,
Have taken a nose dive...
How can those mend burned bridges,
With the others they wrongly criticized?

How can deception so deep,
Now tossing and turning those feeling like fools...
Return them to a peaceful sleep?
When those who once respected one another,
Now don't care to each other to speak?

It's like this,
IF you participated in slandering those who had your back...
Because folks who care for others are like that.
Would you suddenly want to have a picnic,
To enjoy games and snacks?
With those who calculated...
In their character assassinations?

How would you feel if a friend campaigned,
To have you called crazy?
Would you want to sing with them,
The 'Hills Are Alive' with the sounds of music.
Collecting Daffodils and picking Daisies?

Eating and tasting from a selection of hors d'oeuvres...
And clicking glasses filled with champagne,
To lift those damaged and tainted 'spirits'?
To re-establish depths of concern?
I doubt it!
Complete lives have forever been ruined,
From all sides of those common playing fields...
Left to sit in unrelenting bitterness.
I doubt if hugging and kissing are acts,
That are yearned!

Not in the reality of things...
Bruised and busted!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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For the sake of world peace, I sure hope you are wrong Lawrence! We gotta learn to forgive and put the past mistakes and misery behind us imo. Interesting perspective poem. Tai, forgiving all trespasses against her and hers