From All That He Awards

In a destiny reached,
I hear less of those preaching.
The opinions of those,
Made to keep me insignificant...
With a crushed ego on crack and bent
Like them,
Has soared to heights...
My blessings have received!

In a destiny reached,
I feel a strength of conviction.
An honesty within never felt.
Knowing I have dealt with pain,
Concealed and carried.
With heartbreak I thought I married...
I have been lifted with confidence,
That has made me more convinced...
My faith in God has done this for me.
And I will never let go,
Or release God!
And my belief in Him,
To let another sorrow hold me back...
From all that He awards!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Absolutely wonderful! Good to see you again, my friend! Theo