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From Death To Life.

I look into Your eyes,
I get lost in the deep ocean of love,
All I have, I sacrifice,
For You have been sent to me from Above,

I am Yours and You are mine,
We are bound by this love forever,
Every thought about u blows my mind,
And to think that this love will end, Never!

Heaven sings of how beautiful You are,
The angels speak of their jealousy,
You are the elite of God's creations so far,
After He created You, he changed his policy.

Beauty has met the beast,
She accepted him with no condition,
Their love rose to the heavens at least,
And it broke every known tradition.

Your soul is so beautiful,
Mother nature is so envious,
For meeting You, my soul is grateful,
But this mother is sometimes treacherous.

Thousands of miles apart boosts our pain,
But we will finally unite our lives,
I swear this love will not go in vain,
You are my soulmate and soon will be my wife.

Splendor will shine from your face,
Love will pour from your heart,
Pain will be evicted from this place,
When we are no longer apart.

When You touch my skin You make me melt,
But guess what You will feel when we touch,
This has to be the most amazing feeling anyone has ever felt,
Especially when You get rush after rush.

Life without You has no meaning,
I love You baby beyond compare,
This poem embodies what I am feeling,
And I wrote it cause I am in despair.

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Beautiful and promising, it reveals sincere heart of you and true knowledge in versing. I hope you post more soon.