From Depravity To Fellowship

All Men my dear friend, are born in sin and fall into much depravity,
This sin began with just one man and spread throughout all humanity.

Jeremiah states the heart of man is deceitful and who can know it,
Look at the world my friend, for the history of man clearly shows it.

This wickedness of course is far from Jehovah God's original plan,
For His original intent was to have unfettered fellowship with man.

God who can't look on sin separated Himself from man in The Garden,
Left on his own, man continued to sin and his heart began to harden.

And the longer he was on his own the further he fell from God's plan,
Man became so wicked, that God became grieved that He even made man.

However, man's failure did not deter God from His original intention,
To save all men from their wicked ways He simply provided Redemption.

So it was the same God, who desired fellowship right from the start,
Who sent Jesus to offer Eternal fellowship to every believing heart.

With hearts of wickedness, God's Mercy saves us from what we deserve,
And by God's Grace He has given us what we could never have earned.

Through the death on The Cross of God's Son, Jesus Christ our Lord,
The fellowship that God had intended with man has now been restored.

It's your choice to accept God's Grace, and get what you can't earn,
Or you can refuse God's Gift, His Son, and receive what you deserve.

(Copyright © 04/2003)

by Bob Gotti

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