From Err To Excellence

The world's beauty seems lost
So does its order.
It's said, for err we're thus rewarded.
Enthralled, nations cry for peace,
Yet actively engage in an all-out arms race.
The prophecy was foretold
And many wonder, does it now unfold?
Controversy is rampant,
So is doubt.
Even the Church finds reasons for which
They've no resolve, except to fight about.
Maybe we should apologize to God.
Or perhaps no apology is required, and instead;
We should shed our needless resistance to
Moral influence and recognize.
Together we can find excellence.
Through, via and with each other
Peace can be ours,
And the world made beautiful, endowed.
A prize worthy indeed, of more
than being just hoped for;
Or of simply being desired.
It's rather, one that we should diligently
Strive to entwine our effort to realize.
But without friendship, the spark of
Genuine trust—"From Err To Excellence"
We shall never arise.

by Kelvy Buck

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