From Genesis To Jesus!

When God created everything that Man would need on Earth,
He sought to bring it all to plan and thus to prove His worth,
That He could show His perfect love and His amazing grace,
Yet even these proved not enough, as proved by what took place.
When Adam sinned through Eve's advice, they both lost all they had,
For their rebellion brought its price, from then on, things went bad...
From Eden's beauty they were sent, to work the land they found,
Forgiven sin, should they repent and yet by guilt still bound...

God gave a promise so sublime, redemption yet to be,
Until the fullness of that time... that time was Calvary!
God's only Son had to remain upon His Cross held high,
A time of sorrow and of pain, a time Christ had to die...
Yet God proved Christ the King of Love, the Saviour of Mankind,
That's why God raised His Son above, no body left to find...
Disciples know the Saviour well, His Name they honour still,
For He's God's Son who saves from Hell, according to God's will...

Denis Martindale January 2018.

The Gospel poem was shared on Revelation TV's
Voice In The Wilderness show on Saturday evening,
Sunday morning on the 13th/14th of January 2018.


Find out more by watching Revelation TV,
the Christian channel on UK Sky TV 581.

by Denis Martindale

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