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From Hamlet To.....
JH (January 4,1931 / a citizen of the world)

From Hamlet To.....

Poem By jerry hughes

What a piece of work is man - how noble in reason - how infinite in faculty - in form and moving how express and admirable - in action how like an angle - in apprehension how like a god - the beauty of the world - the paragon of animals. Shakespeare: Hamlet, act 1, sc 2

Then there's the moronic George W. Bush, and that little sewer rat John (Winston?) Howard.

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I happen to like GW but I must admit that nervous smirk drives me nuts.
But if you remember, he goes on. 'But what is this quintessence of dust. Man delights not me. No, nor woman neither.' Condoleezza Rice, perhaps? I get your point, sweetheart. The irony is well penned. love, Allie xxxx