From Happenings In My Dream

Mother been seeing what she calls vision
That her son would shoot her dead

Son is been seeing what he calls dream
That his mother would poison him

Devil in the subconscious comes a life

Son stopped eating mothers' food
Son gets further from home
And so due cold in street' cigarette knew

One night' sister said saw son with street boys
Street boys only steal and have killed just once

That night, the vision again came to mother
That son hers put gun to her head and trigger pull
She wouldn't sleep that night
What are the gods doing to me? She cried;

Son heard mother mutter to self in room
Mother must be going mad, he began;
And what can't a mad woman do? He asked;
Might just club one to death, he concluded;

Son picks his pant and left home that night
That night was this morning

by Adeosun Olamide

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