From Heart To Head And Head To Hand

From heart to head and head to hand.
I pray the test of time our love will stand.
From hand to pen and pen to sheet.
100,000 memories to greet.
From sheet to mouth and mouth to ear.
I will always wipe away the tears.
From ear to head and head to heart.
Paint your words on me and call it art.

You'll be the sound of a thousand prayers and answers,
When love is the song and we are the dancers.
So strap yourself in a enjoy the ride.
And take the sweet and sour in stride.
Whoever said, 'Nothing Gold Can Stay? '
I hope to be there when your hair of gold turns gray.
On me, you've left your mark or brand.
From heart to head and head to hand.

by Kyle Bellinger

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I love this poem so much. Good job.