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From Heaven To Earth I
DQ (March 10,1975 / Boston, MA)

From Heaven To Earth I

Poem By Dan Quiles

From Heaven to Earth,
An Angel came from heaven onto earth
A shooting star ricocheted onto my path.
To redirect, guide, embrace and protect me.
To push, hush and rush me onto what spiritually I had lacking.
I’ve so much thanking & clapping to do.
Since then, it has been a continual impact amongst us.
We have generated a friendship contract. Hoping that we never violate such pact.
Regardless what lies ahead we shall keep our bond intact. Regardless, what awaits us tomorrow;
Lets never borrow any more time, but continue making a difference. Living in the present is to be appreciative in the presence of God.
Let the bond be a true glow.
Lets wow the world.
Let’s make a vow and never bow @ each other.
That will bind us forever in the blowing wind.
That will always fly high and aim right.
That our future be a true delight.
A flight to the upcoming light.
A brighter, less tighter and lighter path.
To always show that not everything will be in vain.
Or just a pain with no gain.
That we can throw all negativity And make all things a positivity.
That, we’ll fight endlessly within the battle of wills.
The beans may spill;
But let’s never let our hearts dropp like some crop of fruit.
That we can show to the world that it is ok to seek God.
That it is ok to be God’s child.
It should be a gift.
It is a blessing.
It is a given.
An angel came onto my life to spread the seeds Of redemption, love, forgiveness and hope.
In many ways you are the gardener I needed in my garden.
Instilling the necessary ingredients and nutrients that were missing. Now, all I am wishing is to do the same.
Not seeking any fame but play the gam`

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