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From Heaven To Earth Ii
DQ (March 10,1975 / Boston, MA)

From Heaven To Earth Ii

Poem By Dan Quiles

From heaven to earth,
You came and now you are gone.
I thought, I would keep such flower.
What, a sun-flower!
A shower of blessings
So, shy, bold, graceful, fey, modest Self-conscious and domineering. You will always bloom.
I can see you fly in a broom.
You will always shine And be all a gold mine.
No question about that.
Letting go;
Has been a devastating blow.
The keys have been thrown,
Its whereabouts are so unknown,
What a facial frown.
The saddest of it all I have hit a wall.
Gosh, it is so tall.
Should I fall?
Or should I jump such hump Gees, what a great mass of trials of lumps. Just the smell of its ever fragrance,
Will help me keep things in perspective.
In the most respective and elective way.
Now, I must continue onto the walk way.
Continuing being brave in this new day.
Making new waves and hoping for stronger rays.
May the sun shine and direct my way or at least show me the highway. Doesn’t matter what happened yesterday or the prior day.
All that matters now is what we have today.
Conquer it today before the sun goes away.
I will forever remember such sunflower.
Thanks to angels transformed in an exquisite flowers
I must believe in the beauties of heaven and earth.

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