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From Heaven To Earth Iii
DQ (March 10,1975 / Boston, MA)

From Heaven To Earth Iii

Poem By Dan Quiles

From heaven to earth,
Someone in the unknown;
In the high mountains, shadowy valleys,
Clouds loom;
The heart goes boom boom.
Where shall I find room?
For the endless boom.
Now don’t show me the broom just yet.
Because I have room to groom the boom boom.
Because life is a rhythm.
It goes in stages,
Phases in slow races At times it dances
And traces back to a new beginning.
What a spark!
My kind of lark.
Is leaving an unsettling mark.
Although, I feel like the size of an ark
The heart feels like a bate for the hungry shark.
To chose or not to choose.
Making, for the taking,
Endless shaking and creating.
Developing, manufacturing fresh aroma
Leaving one in such a coma.
Now that is no broma.
Please God; keep leaving commas in my life.
I want to keep getting the high fives in order to thrive.
I don’t need any dots to end our journey of adventure
Lets keep it as a venture and never a denture.
I would think it would be for the taking.
Which would be my world of the unmaking.
Is too much work in the unmasking.
Leaving a trail of evidence behind.
Which will bind.
You are my gift.
That brought a soul a lift.
In my lifetime,
I’ve felt a lot of drift rift.
Unlike anything,
I feel a change of shift.
It is an angel that came:
Mutual friendship is what we became.
Already you’ve taught and caught me in spurts of surprises.
Have given me the greatest lesson of it all.
That, ‘caring is sharing, sharing is definitely caring’,
‘Daring is enduring, enduring is definitely daring.’
Loving is manufactured in many ways.
Creating long constructive highways and driveways.
For the awaiting broad road that lurks.
Preparation in life takes many steps and reps.
Options in life is our own caption to existence.
Thank you for given me a new meaningful day.
That is why I believe in Angels that come
From heaven to earth.

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