From Her Sons

A Message to a Bereaved Mother; Who Lost Two Sons in the Oklahoma Disaster
Dear Mommy, I visioned a bright City, so fair
Jesus was waiting in the Garden, to welcome Us there
We will wait by the Fate, as in the Garden We play
So we can beckon to You and show You the way.

Jesus loves the Children and We feel safe Here
The Angels hover over Us to help ease Our fear
There must be some reason, why God took Us above
Perhaps He needs Children to help show His love.

I will watch over My Brother; so He will not fall
He is so afraid and lonely and so very small
As We romp in the Garden; in this beautiful Land
Since You can't be here, I'll hold His small hand.

Cherish and remember, the good life We did share
We will feel Your love; as You kneel in prayer
Jesus must have needed Us; just why You can't see
As Our lives ended, He said, "Dear Ones come unto Me."

We will miss You and remember; with a tear in Our eye
As You in your sorrow; for Our passing will cry
Until You can again hug Us; We will be in God's care
Some Day; You will meet Us in Heaven; there's no parting There.

by Grace Saad

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